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Dear Reader, It was such a beautiful day today. Frost nice and early, bright blue skies, hardly any wind. It was so good to get out and about with our dog Harry. A good walk along our bridle path and into the fields. It was very muddy underfoot in the fields but with my wellies on it didn’t matter! Just had to be careful that I didn’t fall over! The dog doesn’t care about the mud…mind you he doesn’t like water much either!
Walking through the fields, my attention was drawn by a ‘mew’ up in the sky. ‘I know what that is!’ I thought. Sure enough gliding above me was a beautiful buzzard. He soared on the warm thermals, just giving his wings a gentle up and down to gain a bit of height every now and then. I love to watch them. We are lucky here in Kilsby. In a nearby spinney there is a family of at least five of them. Maybe there will be more this year! I will keep an eye out and let you know.
As I walked further I heard a Skylark, and then another! Beautiful! Such a treat! Have you ever heard a Skylark? They sing such a fabulous song and as they sing they rise up, up and up into the air. Magic!
More next time..

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