Mixed emotions

Hello again, dear reader: It has been a day of mixed emotions for me today. I like days like this as all my feelings let me know I am still well and truly alive!
First thing, I got a bit teary as I watched Breakfast on BBCTV. It was lovely Bill Turnbull’s last day broadcasting from ‘the sofa’ ! He has been on that programme for 15 years, interviewing celebrities, politicians and members of the public with whit and humour in his lovely soft voice. Mornings will not be the same in our house. I wonder who they will get to replace him? Charlie Stayte does a good job but he is not as much a gentleman as our Bill.
There were a lot of his TV wives on the sofa with him this morning, and messages sent from so many people who had been on the sofa over the years.
During the mornings news I was overjoyed to see that the ladies of YORKSHIRE ROWS had completed their mighty row across the Atlantic Ocean. They now hold the record of the oldest ladies team to do so! They are all from Yorkshire…hence the name YORKSHIRE ROWS ! A lovely play on words there.
This afternoon we picked up two of our 5 grandchildren from school and took them home to Rugby as it was another grandchild’s 12th birthday today. It was lovely to see Jodie and also her older sister Dionne. Now they are 12 and 13 respectively they are at senior school and no longer at school in our village school. Consequently, we do not get to see them as often as we used to. We love them dearly and they are growing so fast. They were only 13 months and two and a half when we first met them. (Our daughter-in-law had them during a previous marriage.) She has since had another three with our son.
There was birthday cake and presents and money at their house and also a little bit of fun with the youngest granddaughter Mimi who is only 15 months!
So, as I said at the start of my blog, a lovely day of emotions but I am pleased to say they were mostly happiness and joy. Just the sort of days I love.

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