A New Handfasting

We are just home from conducting a beautiful handfasting ceremony with a truly Pagan couple. The couple so wanted their ceremony to be done outside under and round a willow tree but when we arrived at their venue it was deemed not possible as the weather had been terrible for the last few days! Rain, snow, hail, wind consecutively! Maybe a moment of sunshine if you are lucky! The ground underfoot was treacherous and it was so cold. So at the last minute it was decided that we would be indoors.

The bride had made her own handfasting cord and it was so beautiful. She had used green, gold and silver colours with some cream as well. A truly magnificent piece of work. They had the Unity Candle ceremony. They had the Wine ceremony using the loving cup they had had made. It was made from a single piece of sycamore wood and included two rings around the stem of the goblet. The Sand Ceremony, with yellow and green coloured sand.
Forgot to mention Molly the Barn Owl. She brought their rings! Fabulous!
They gave their vows and received their rings, tears flowed from both parities. Pretty emotional stuff.
All in all a wonderful day. 20160430_14552320160430_14555420160430_152330

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