Our son and his wife and family have been on holiday this week so we had the pleasure of looking after their two dogs, Gemma the Labrador and Truffle the miniature Schnauzer and the guinea pig Wilbur. They are not a real problem but along side our Labradoodle Harry, the house seems a little full!
The weather wasn’t too bad so they were all able to be out in the garden most of the time or we walked them along our local bridle path and into a field for a really good run. Both Harry and Gemma love to run for a tennis ball and we use a launcher so they get to run further and faster. the little one loves to chase the bigger dogs so they all end up getting plenty of exercise! Although Gemma is now ten she still likes to compete with Harry as to who can get to the ball faster. Harry nearly always wins but sometimes she manages to get there before him. She stops running for the ball when she gets tired and if she can, she will get the ball and hold it in her mouth so we can’t throw it again till she is ready to run! We often take a spare ball so Harry can still get his share of running.
They also like to race around our garden and as long as I don’t mind have a couple of plants trampled they really enjoy that. Again Gemma, being the grannie, usually just sits on the patio watching the other two race round!
We have an outdoor run for Wilbur but unfortunately this time we weren’t able to put him out. Either the grass was too long or it was too wet for him. Anyway he wasn’t able to get out which was a shame.

Our next holiday will be all the way up to Blackpool as we have a Handfasting to perform for Katie and Lee. It will be outside in the grounds of a lovely hotel. If the weather is inclement they have a room backup indoors. It would be lovely to perform the ceremony outside as that is really the best place for a handfasting. They have three boys and have requested the Sand Ceremony so that their boys can take part. They have chosen the colours of red green and purple for that and also for their handfasting cords. I have put a few pagan symbols on it for added decoration. They will have their wedding rings consecrated over the four elements of Earth Air Fire and Water and will speak their own vows to each other.
The reason I said ‘holiday’ at the beginning of this post is that it is a long way to go from our local area of Rugby, for just a ceremony so we have decided to take our caravan and have a few days looking round the general area before and after the ceremony.

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