Another New Year

Hello again and a Happy New Year to you all! I know, I’m late, as usual!!
We had a very busy year last year with 24 weddings, handfastings and vow renewals. It was truly a wonderful time for us. Hardly had time to catch up with ourselves but we managed to get in a couple of holidays in our caravan.
The weddings were all totally different…which, of course, is the object of our business. Our brides and grooms were all pleased with their ceremonies and some left us great feedback.
The venues which couples choose are also very different. Some are in old manor houses, which does limit the number of guests as these places cannot be extended. The rooms, though, are often stunning with the ancient décor and huge windows letting in great quantities of light and sunshine. This, although lovely, can cause problems. Photographers can find excessive light a bit of a problem and the Celebrant can find it difficult to read his script! Mostly, thought it can cause brides and grooms, and guests to overheat! These type of venues are very kind to us and recommend us to their brides and grooms….hence we get to be at these places quite a lot. And we love them.
Other venues, being more modern are suitable for brides with larger guest lists. These venues are purpose-built buildings and the large rooms can be divided or increased with sliding or bi-fold doors to accommodate any number of guests. These type of venues, being large, can often manage several weddings on one day, something we don’t do.
I think my favourite wedding of the year was a handfasting we did in the Wyre Forest during the summer. We know the area quite well having owned a Static caravan in the region for 10 years so it was nice to go back and have a look around. Janet and Jeff were a fabulous couple who knew exactly what they wanted. A full Pagan handfasting with Unity Candle, Wine and Cake, Sand Ceremony so it took plenty of planning on our part. Their cord was requested to be in the colours of purple silver and black. It was also to be outside so we were anxious that the weather would be good for them. The day dawned and we couldn’t have asked for better! It was a glorious day, warm with just a gently breeze. Out in the forest the birds sang and everything was lovely. Their guests surrounded them with all positive thoughts and Phil performed their ceremony accompanied by the gentle pan pipes music they had requested. They were so pleased with it and sent us a wonderful review on our facebook page. It is one I will remember for a long time. As a Celebrant, Phil can work practically anywhere, not just in the Rugby area as you can see from this post. We even went to Blackpool to conduct one ceremony! We took our caravan, found a good site and made a little holiday out of it!
This weekend we are taking part and exhibiting our wares at the great venue of The Ricoh Arena in Coventry. A two-day affair with #PerfectBridesWeddingFayreSpecialists. It will be exhausting but we always manage to get a lot of work from this event. It is also a good opportunity to meet up with other friends who are in the wedding industry. We have made many friends over the last 5 years and it is always good to catchup with them at events like this. We all recommend each other to brides and grooms so it is good for a bit of networking too.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about our business so I will close for now but will be back again with more news in a few weeks.

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