Funeral Services


We aim to provide a service to guide you through this difficult and emotional time. When we lose a family member or partner we need not only to mourn them but also to celebrate their life. This is a time when family and friends come together to grieve.

We talk to the bereaved who often don’t know what to do first, where to start, who to contact.
 We can help you with everything, from advising where to obtain the Death Certificate to helping you to choose the final resting place of your loved one. 
It is a very difficult time but we will hold your hand and take you gently through the process.

Our ceremonies are tailored to be personal to you and your family. We will visit you and talk to you and the family members and write a ceremony unique to your loved one. It will stem from your memories and your thoughts. You can choose the readings, hymns, and eulogies if you want them.

Family and friends can be as involved as much or as little as you would like. Phil will talk you through it all in a gentle and sympathetic manner. 

We are able to conduct a private ceremony in the Chapel of Rest or a Service at the Crematorium. If you would prefer we can conduct a ceremony at one of the beautiful natural burial sites which are placed in countryside all over England and Scotland. These are lovely serene places, very quiet and a pleasure to visit. Natural coffins, wicker, cardboard or the like can be used or the traditional wooden ones. A small wooden marker can be placed on the site but headstones are not allowed. A tree can be planted at a later date. This is so that once the site is full it will be passed over into a wildlife trust and will remain a site of natural beauty for ever.


Plan for your funeral with Dignity ServicesWe can also help with arranging your own ‘future’ funeral. We will visit and talk you through what you would want at your own funeral. ‘Go as You Please!’ You can plan it all down to the last detail. Family members would also be included in the preparations so they can carry out your final wishes when the time comes.