If your needs are for a Celtic hand-fasting, The UK Celebrant can arrange that too.DSCN5665

Handfastings were the original betrothal service between couples hundreds of years ago. It was seen as an engagement or a betrothal to make their lives together. Each partner holds the hands of the other with their wrists crossed. Their chosen cord or ribbon is wound around the wrists. The origin of ‘tying the knot’! Make your ceremony truly unique by choosing to have your own special hand-fasting cord. Colours that reflect the elements or are colour co-ordinated with your day.

The UK Celebrant will make handfasting cords if requested, although brides often make their own incorporating materials and trinket which are personal to them, parts of Grannies old wedding dress for example. I have even heard of hair from both partners being wound in.


Combining wedding and hand fasting

Combining wedding and hand fasting

Handfasting ceremony in warwichshire

Handfasting ceremony in warwickshire

pagan hand fasting near Coventry

A pagan handfasting at Nettle Hill, Warwickshire

Molly at Nettle Hill, Warwickshire

Molly the owl can deliver the rings in wedding, vow renewal and handfasting ceremonies.

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